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Happi is the leading media company covering the global personal care, household and industrial and institutional cleaning market. For more than 50 years, Happi has provided in-depth analysis of this nearly $700 billion (retail) market for our 30,000 subscribers around the world.
According to Euromonitor International, global sales of beauty products rose 5.6% last year to nearly $488 billion. Household cleaning product sales increased 4.2% to nearly $156 billion. When you include sales from the global I&I category, you get a market with a retail value of $691 billion, according to sources.
In the US, demand for indie beauty continues to drive market gains; elsewhere, multinationals still hold sway with consumers. In an effort to compete with startups, Unilever, Shiseido and other multinationals are purchasing smaller companies with an attractive portfolio or positioning. But regardless of sales, all companies are aggressively pursuing sustainability goals.
Happi’s coverage of the global household and personal products industry is the best in the business. For more than 50 years, our editors, correspondents and technical writers have delivered the news you need to succeed in these fast-paced times. For 2020, we’ve added columnists, departments and features in print; online, we’re creating more videos, podcasts and other multimedia tools to entertain and inform our readers. After more than five decades, Happi is still expanding. Come grow with us!